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Haven’t posted since May 1st.. Sometimes real life just gets you in its hold and keeps you away from doing stuff like this..

Anyway, to the updates!

First and foremost we have MOVED!

You can find our store at our new location – HERE!

O!Bleak is part of the Halloween Spooktacular at Atomic Island! If you have not been there yet, I do suggest stopping by!

Here’s what O!Bleak has out for the event:

Left to right –

O!Bleak – Devil in Disguise – Comes with 3 versions; red, black, and the crown. L$ 200

O!Bleak – Indian Summer Skirts –  Short, Full Skirt, and Long Red.  L$ 200, ea.

O!Bleak O!Shawl Autumn Tones – Shawl; Head-Dress.  L$ 250

O!Bleak Pumpkin Shoes – FREE! L$0


O! Bleak now has two items out for Super Bargain Saturday! The first is a nice bangle, and if that’s not your cup of tea, the  second are some Rock Candy Betty Shoes. You can see both of them below, or swing by O! Bleak to check them out in world!