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That’s right ladies and gents, you heard it here first! The one and only Miss Dotty Latte is working her round rump off making us all delectable new accessories to jazz up our virtual selves. What kind you say? Well, don’t tell her that it was these loose lips that told you, but first up is a very unique pair of couture horns that are dripping with the tears of an angel. What I cannot tell you is how she aquired said tears! There are also some perfectly placed feathers plucked right from that same poor angel’s wings. The poor dear. It’s a good thing they were put to good use. Actually, make that divine use!

Oh, and there is more! So much more! Including some really gorgeousAlice in Wonderland inspired baubles that you won’t want miss.

Untill next time, happy shopping!




The O!Bleak Blog is now active and running. It’s a bit bare at the moment, however I will be adding more content related to the store and Secondlife soon. Please check back frequently or subscribe to my store’s RSS feed in world here!

As you can see I have the RSS feed up and running so you should be getting the updates in this blog as well as in world, nifty eh? There is also a few other neat widgets over there. Above you can find a few pages, about, and new stuff, I will usually post the new items under the new stuff, as well as on the main page. However it can be cluttered with news about the store, etcetera.

Dotty Latte